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About Us

Our protection first philosophy coupled with a financial wellness system helps guide our clients to a financially secure workforce and executives to a “work optional” retirement.

Our Primary Purpose

CBA Pension is a financial risk management firm serving small to mid-market companies throughout the Midwest. We specialize in employer-sponsored qualified retirement plan design and implementation along with executive benefit solutions to recruit, reward and retain key partners.

Our Process

Our process begins with a diagnostic review of your current retirement plan to measure the effectiveness of the plan design, investment integrity, and cost structure. CBA’s open architecture approach allows for independence, objectivity and the following promises of Institutional Level Investments and Pricing, Fiduciary governance, Employee Education, & Transparency.

Employee Education

A well designed and implemented employee education program is vital to the creation of a financially prepared workforce. Employees who are educated and counseled on risk and the responsibility of realistic contribution amounts are prepared to retire at the appropriate time versus continuing to work out of necessity.

Through our planning system — Wealth Steps® — we will educate participants to save, protect and prepare for today and their tomorrows.



We at CBA Pension are very clear as to our strengths: providing top level employer-sponsored retirement plans and executive risk management strategies for small to mid-market companies. Often, our clients may need assistance in areas outside of our scope of experience, such as group medical benefits or commercial liability insurance. In these instances, we will introduce partner firms we know and trust who share our philosophy of competence, service, and transparency.

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