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Financial Wellness

The step-by-step approach of Wealth Steps® shows you the simple logic and the ideal order of financial decision-making that will guide you toward a solid financial future with clarity, confidence, and security.

Plan participants have a tendency to focus singularly on the growth rate and market value of their accounts. This focus on accumulation can cause participants to lose sight of the ultimate goal of their account: to help provide adequate retirement income.

People work hard to make the most of their income and create momentum with their money — amidst a lot of financial clutter, and often without the benefit of a clear-cut financial strategy.

With the appropriate guidance and resources, participants will have the ability to maintain proper long-term focus and avoid financial failure.

Wealth Steps®

Recognizing the importance of financially prepared employees on the corporate bottom line, CBA Pension offers retirement plan clients a new financial wellness program: Wealth Steps®. Through live workshops, a personalized website and access to a financial professional, Wealth Steps® will introduce you to a unique and simple logic for improving your finances.

Wealth Steps® is a turnkey, completely customizable program, so workshops can be tailored to benefit any group or segment of employees. Anyone who participates will be able to see their financial life in a dramatically different light, and with it, a new route to making the most of their long-term net worth.

During the live workshop presented by a CBA Wealth Steps® specialist you’ll gain:

  • Knowledge of how to maximize your lifetime earning potential through protection, saving, and planning.
  • Access to a completely secure, personalized website to analyze your individual financial situation.
  • One-on-one consultation with a Wealth Steps® specialist upon request.

Wealth Steps®

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