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Individual Life & Disability Income Planning


Every prudent financial Strategy begins with Cash Flow protection

Managing the risks that can threaten your financial well-being today is every bit as important as saving and investing toward your future goals. Every plan, goal, desire we have is dependent on cash flow- and our ability to generate it. Therefore, the protection of current cash flow (Disability Income) and future cash flow (Life Insurance) should be considered as a first step.

Selecting the right insurance for your goals is a critical element of any comprehensive financial strategy. We use an “open architecture” approach to provide solutions from the country’s strongest and most trusted insurance companies. This approach allows us to use our training and experience to customize a strategy with the carrier we feel best suits our client needs.

As your circumstances change, so do your needs. We review our clients’ entire portfolio regularly to help minimize risk and maximize protection.

Client Centered

Life Insurance: The foundation to a comprehensive financial strategy

At its core, life insurance helps to fulfill the promises made to your family or business by delivering a financial resource when it’s needed most:

  • Income Replacement
  • Estate Planning Strategies
  • Asset Protection
  • Liquidity
  • Legacy Building
Client Centered

Disability Income: A lot relies on your income – perhaps even more than you think

If your next paycheck was to become your last paycheck, how would that impact your current lifestyle? College funding plans? Retirement?

In order to maintain your standard of living, it is critical to protect your most important asset— your ability to earn an income.

Individual disability income insurance can help replace a portion of your income and provide ongoing financial payments if you become disabled for an extended period of time.

Now...the good news. Transferring this risk to cash flow away from you and your family can be achieved for a fraction of your overall income. Let us analyze your unique situation and circumstance to customize a strategy that will help minimize risk and maximize protection - helping you achieve the financial confidence we all desire.

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