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Group Benefits


In today’s competitive labor market, providing a robust employee benefit program is essential to recruit, reward and retain talented partners and staff

Client Centered

Employee group benefits are often one of an employer’s largest expenses.

A proactive cost containment approach is essential to ensuring the ongoing financial strength of employers and the employees who rely on these benefits.

At CBA Pension, we use clearly defined processes to identify and manage risk related to cash flow and employee benefit programs; helping separate successful firms from failure.

Client Centered

Ensure your companies benefit program is in line with the needs of a 21st century workforce.

CBA Pension helps lead clients to think differently about management and administration of employee benefits – blending traditional plan management strategies, continuous improvement and implementing a shared risk vision between employee and employer.

Challenge what’s possible with your benefits program.

We apply insight and experience to drive more value, and deliver better outcomes from your benefit programs that result in improved control and program costs.

Client Centered

Our Promise As Your Broker

  • Unbiased and unrestricted carrier selection and recommendation
  • Customized analysis of Fully-Insured v. Self-Insured plans
  • Annual market analysis and review of your benefit program
  • Employee education meetings re. benefit offering and individual advice on plan recommendation
  • HR/Benefits Administrator support on carrier procedures
  • A customized, co-branded Financial Wellness offering for your employees at no cost to you
  • Benefit Plan Administration and Legislative Compliance support

Recognize Risks, Find Opportunities

Don't be caught by risks that aren't covered by your insurance company. Ask the tough questions. Being proactive today will ensure that you have a competitive benefits program structured to keep your organization competitive in a landscape of change.

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