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Retirement and Pension Plans 

Our open architecture approach allows for independence and objectivity. The strength of our participant education program works to create a financially prepared and balanced workforce.

Client Centered

A company can no longer look at a retirement plan in an isolated manner. It has a large financial impact on the company in other areas such as salary, insurance, turnover and lawsuit risk.

Corrective distributions. Audits. Low employee participation. Top heavy. High expenses. Outdated plan design. A financially unprepared workforce. Failure.

Through a specific and well-defined order of operations, CBA advisors will aim to work with our clients to help avoid plan failure by:

  • Proactive Fiduciary Governance
  • Institutional Fund Selection and Pricing
  • An advanced Financial Wellness program: Wealth Steps®

Plan Design

  • 401k 
  • SEP/ IRA Plans
  • SIMPLE IRA Plans
  • Profit Sharing 
  • Defined Benefit/Cash Balance 
  • Target Benefit Plans
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) 

Our Role As Plan Advisor

  • Investment Policy Review and Management
  • Vendor Resource Analysis
  • Plan Resource Allocation
  • Assessment of Fiduciary Prudence
  • Expense Analysis

Fiduciary Governance:

With more scrutiny placed on plan sponsors today to meet fiduciary obligations, CBA can help provide the resources and solutions aimed at helping mitigate employer liability through:

  • Comprehensive oversight reviews
  • Assistance with the development of policies and procedures
  • Compliance through proper documentation
  • Participant guidance on plan investment and retirement
  • Regular review of service providers

Institutional Grade Investment pricing:

Every CBA retirement plan client benefits from an open architecture philosophy to help bring the most efficient fund class on platform. Funds are defined, identified, selected and monitored in the following process:

  • Establishment of an Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Continuous monitoring to ensure compliance with IPS
  • Transparent pricing structure

Financial Wellness:

The strength of a robust financial wellness program gives participants the guidance and confidence needed to plan and avoid personal financial failure.

Employers also recognize the benefits of a financially prepared workforce: streamlined benefit expenses, efficient employee turnover that provide advancement opportunities for younger workers and improved employee morale to name a few.

Our financial wellness program, Wealth Steps®, provides an effective, simple and positive resource for employees to plan and avoid personal financial failure.

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